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Joaquín Prat y Emma García bromean con sus horarios y los cambios en Telecinco

Joaquín Prat and Emma García joke about their schedules and the changes at Telecinco

Emma Garcia is ready for the new stage of ‘Party’, which starts this afternoon in Telecinco. The magazine is reinforced with a new set and new image, in addition to the incorporation of new sections and collaborators. To talk about all this, the Basque presenter stopped by this Friday morning ‘We’ll see’, the space it ...

'Survivors 2024' comes to an end being the main lifeline for Telecinco audiences

'Survivors 2024' comes to an end being the main lifeline for Telecinco audiences

'Survivors 2024' celebrates a grand final this Tuesday in which there will be no shortage of the legendary arrival of the finalists by helicopter to the Mediaset facilities. After more than 100 days of adventures in the Cayos Cochinos, the reality show presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez reaches its conclusion being one of the main ...

Chenoa se emociona al actualizar el estado de salud de Àngel Llàcer: "Está en buen camino"

Chenoa is excited to update Àngel Llàcer's health status: “He is on the right track”

Chenoa updates the health status of Ângel Llàcer. The singer has visited 'And now Sonsoles', where she has been interviewed to review her extensive professional and personal career throughout these years. During your visit, the magazine presented by Sonsoles Ónega recalled the different projects that the artist has done at Atresmedia: “I no longer remembered ...