Bigote Arrocet's last television interview on 'De Friday' continues to provoke various reactions, especially in the Campos family. Alejandra Rubio defended Carmen Borrego this Tuesday after she left the set of 'That's Life' on Monday in the face of attacks from Edmundo Arrocet and Gema Serrano.

“It seems good to me… I also agree that there is no need to say much more to this person, because it is very clear that, even if he says no, everything he does starts with him, no one talks about him at any time, always It is he who opens the season. I think it's good that Carmen answered like that and said that she wasn't going to give him any more reason.“commented the collaborator of the Telecinco afternoon program.

Regarding Bigote's statements where he suggests that he was not going to visit his grandmother, Rubio assured that these words make “no head or tail”: “A few months ago he said one thing, now he says another. I don't have either, I'm not going to give him to him explanations of nothing and no one. I know how I have behaved with my grandmother“.

In this way, Alejandra Rubio spoke again about Bigote Arrocet after it became known that she was going to give an interview to the program presented by Santi Acosta and Bea Archidona: “It seems tremendous to me. Quite unnecessary“.

“It seems like nonsense to me. Who hasn't been angry with their father, their mother, their brother… Things happen in all families and it doesn't seem like a big deal to me. And at some point she may have said 'that's it,' well I'm sure because it's part of what happens to all of us when we get angry,” said Terelu Campos' daughter.

In Rubio's words, that television intervention by Bigote Arrocet on 'De Viernes' was another occasion in which the comedian took the opportunity to talk about his family: “Lately, he lives by giving exclusives about my family“.