'To know and to win'has said goodbye to one of the most important faces of the program. The La 2 format said goodbye last afternoon to Angels Penarroyathe deputy director of the contest presented by Jordi Hurtado. After 27 years at the helm of this and many other television formats, the 'Know and Win' team says goodbye to its colleague.

The program has celebrated a tribute at the level of a farewell during one of the tests that have recently been incorporated. In 'Discovering', the contestants must guess which character is behind a panel of boxes where the contestants will have to uncover as they guess the content.

On this emotional afternoon, the mysterious person hiding behind the panel was Àngels Peñarroya, who was surprised from behind the cameras on the Sergi Schaaff set. Jordi Hurtado convinced his partner to come over to appear on screen and pay him a worthy tribute.