The ninth edition of 'Masterchef Celebrity' already has the contestants who will cook in their kitchens. 16 new celebrities will fight week after week to succeed Laura Londoño, Colombian actress who stars in 'Café con aroma de café', as winner of TVE's culinary talent show, which will continue to have Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz as judges.

The flamenco and soul singer Pitingo; the businessman and aristocrat José María Martínez-Bordiúbetter known as Pocholo; Cristina Cifuentes, former president of the Community of Madrid and television collaborator; actors Hiba Abouk, Francis Lorenzo, María León, Itziar Miranda, Rubén Ochandiano and Jose Lamuño; the comedian and presenter Nerea Garmendia; the stylist and digital creator Pelayo Diaz; content creators Marina Rivers and Ines Hernand; the journalist, comedian and member of Gomaespuma Juan Luis Cano; The athlete Raul Gomez, known as 'Marathon Man'; and the gallerist and artist Fresh Topaz They are willing to demonstrate their mastery with knives and how good their stews are before the most demanding jury on television.

We review the names of the participants of 'Masterchef Celebrity 9' on TVE.

Ines Hernand

The presenter and digital content creator has a new project on RTVE, a group in which she has achieved great popularity, especially among young audiences. The communicator was one of the hosts of 'I don't know what you're talking about' and the first editions of the Benidorm Fest, in addition to being in charge of 'Gen Playz' and other special Playz broadcasts such as the Goya Awards.


'Masterchef Celebrity 9' will be Pitingo's first talent as a contestant. With more than seven albums behind him, the soul and flamenco singer has been a judge for other skill and talent formats such as 'El numero 1' (Antena 3) and 'Insuperables' (La 1 de TVE).

Pocholo Martínez-Bordiú

After his frustrated signing for the last edition of 'Big Brother VIP' on Telecinco, Pocholo Martínez-Bordiú will once again be a contestant on a television format on 'Mastechef Celebrity 9'. The socialite also participated in other reality shows with celebrities such as 'Hotel Glam' and 'Aventura en África', in addition to having had his own docureality at the beginning of laSexta.

Cristina Cifuentes

The former president of the Community of Madrid will once again experience the world of cooking after her participation in 'The Last Supper', one of the formats born in the shadow of the 'Sálvame' universe. The former popular leader has maintained her television side as a collaborator of some Mediaset formats, although it is worth noting that her name was suggested to be a contestant on 'Survivors'.

Hiba Abouk

The actress became known in our country thanks to the role of Fátima in 'El principe', the successful Telecinco series. Later, the interpreter gave life to characters in other fictions such as 'Con el culo al aire' and 'Madres. Love and life', among others.

Francis Lorenzo

Lorenzo is one of the actors most recognized by television viewers in our country. The interpreter has been the protagonist of some of the best-known series in our country such as 'Médico de familia', 'Compañeros', 'My adorable neighbors', 'Águila Roja', 'The Hunt', 'Tell me who I am' and 'El immortal', among many others.

Maria Leon

She is the second member of the León-Barrios family to be part of an edition of 'Masterchef Celebrity' after the participation of her mother, Carmina Barrios. The actress has been in the cast of well-known series such as 'There below', 'Con el culo al aire', 'La casa de las flores', 'Besos al aire' and 'Heridas', in addition to winning the Goya Award for the best new actress and the Silver Shell for best actress at the San Sebastián Film Festival for 'The Sleeping Voice'.

Itziar Miranda

The actress and presenter of 'It had to be from here' (Aragón TV) will also enter the kitchens of the ninth edition of 'Masterchef Celebrity'. Curiously, she will do it two years after the participation of Manu Baqueiro, her partner for more than 18 years in 'Amar es para siempre', an Antena 3 series in which they played Manolita and Marcelino.

Ruben Ochandiano

The director and actor will also be one of the 16 new contestants in this new edition of 'Masterchef Celebrity' on TVE. The interpreter has been part of the cast of important series and films such as 'On Leaving Class', 'Paco's Men', 'Los Abrazos Rotos' and 'Tapas'.

Jose Lamuño

Lamuño is another of the names in acting with an extensive career in the world of television. The actor has been present in fictions such as 'Central Hospital', 'Fugitive', 'Serve and Protect', 'Love is Forever' and 'Physics or Chemistry: The Reunion', among many others.

Nerea Garmendia

Another of the contestants of the ninth edition of 'Masterchef Celebrity' who has extensive experience on television is Nerea Garmendia. In addition to being present on programs such as 'KTM', 'La noche con… Fuentes y cía', 'Vaya semanita' and 'Splash! Celebrities overboard', the actress has also been part of series such as 'Paco's Men', '90-60-90: Diary of a Teenage Girl' and 'La Reina del Sur'. It is curious that the actress played a haute cuisine chef in 'There Below', a comedy on Antena 3 in which she coincided with María Leon.

Pelayo Diaz

'Masterchef Celebrity' will be the second talent in which Pelayo Díaz appears after his time in the first edition of 'Dancing with the Stars' on La 1 de TVE (2018). The stylist and digital creator has gone through formats such as 'Cámbiame' and 'GH VIP: el debate', in addition to making waves on Telecinco in 2016 alongside Cristina Rodríguez, Natalia Ferviú and Marta Torné.

Marina Rivers

This will be the first time that Marina Rivers will be a contestant in a format like 'Masterchef Celebrity 9'. In addition to being a guest on 'The Resistance', the content creator is one of the current collaborators of 'TardeAR', the program presented by Ana Rosa Quintana on Telecinco.

Juan Luis Cano

The comedian will also dare to participate in this new edition of 'Masterchef Celebrity'. Recently, Cano reunited with Guillermo Fesser, his former partner in the duo Gomaespuma, in an emotional special on Movistar Plus +.

Raul Gomez

Gómez will also be one of the 16 contestants in the new edition of 'Masterchef Celebrity' on TVE. The presenter will take on this new professional challenge after presenting formats such as 'In Search of Nirvana', 'He Has Touched You', 'All Against 1' and 'Marathon Man', among others.

Fresh Topaz

The gallery owner completes the list of contestants for the ninth edition of 'Masterchef Celebrity' on TVE. The singer and actress will dare to take on a talent again after her appearance in the first edition of 'Dancing with the Stars' on La 1.