When we think of aspects that define Cordova, many will come to mind before the hustle and bustle. Nevertheless, Neither the capital nor a good part of the province escape the current pace of life, in which everything is accelerated, with more and more stimuli and which forces us to be permanently connected. So yes you are looking for a haven of peace, Whether permanently or for a weekend getaway, we present the quietest municipality of Córdoba.

In search of calm in Subbética

And the thing is, the province of Córdoba, there is several small municipalities that are a great option to relax and breathe fresh air. Among them, we can highlight Almedinilla, a small municipality of less than 2,500 inhabitants in the heart of Subbética and near the provinces of Jaén and Granada. It is at just under an hour and a half by car from the capitalmaking it a perfect place for disconnect a couple of days.

He natural environment the one in which it is located is also auspicious. Between whitewashed houses, olive groves and the beautiful Caicena River, in the streets of Almedinilla you feel and breathe peace. The waterfall and pool of El Zurreón It is a good example of this peace and a perfect place to cool off in an enclave that enjoys temperatures lower than capital. His Roman site and the Iberian settlement from Cerro de la Cruz tell us about their past.

It is also worth knowing the archeological Museumthe old oil mill and contemplate the clock towerin addition to other points to know about the town such as the Water Mine or the Town Hall Square.


If you search Spend a weekend In Almedinilla, a great option is to stay in the inn El Tropezón. Located in the village of La Venta and among olive groves, orchards and cherry trees, it is a house from the late 19th century that has been restored but maintaining original elements. Another alternative is the La Era guesthousea rural hotel distinguished on several occasions by Tripadvisor.


That mentioned Ibero-Roman past takes center stage every summer with the celebration of Festum. Coinciding with the holiday of August 15ththese days, which increasingly attract more visitors, offer theatrical performances, Greco-Roman music concerts, games, conferences, exhibitions And till banquetsall with this important legacy as the protagonist and being the perfect excuse to get to know the municipality.

During the Festum, the streets of the municipality transport the visitor to another era.