Preview of chapter 336 for Monday, April 15

Abel confesses to Manuel, Cruz and Alonso that Jimena's pregnancy and abortion were false and that he contributed to maintaining that lie. This revelation falls like a bucket of cold water. Still, Manuel believes it is an opportunity to annul his marriage to Jimena. Catalina saves Pelayo from Cavendish's clutches, but she does not plan to forgive the great deception in which her fiancé has been involved all this time. Virtues, unable to control his choking, continues to think about abandoning The Promise; Just like Salvador, who continues to believe that the pressure Romulo puts him under is not normal.

The friendship between Ayala and Margarita strengthens and they try to move forward behind Martina's back, who continues with her intention to avoid this relationship at all costs. Once again, in this case the Duchess of the Infantes, reveals Vera's resemblance to the daughter of the Dukes of Carril. Despite Vera's refusal, it is evident how nervous this makes her.

Preview of chapter 337 for Tuesday, April 16

Jana and Manuel are going to find it very difficult to forgive Abel for his terrible lies about Jimena's pregnancy and abortion. However, the doctor will give you a warning that you would do well to listen to. Cruz will speak with the Duke of Infantes to buy time and prevent Manuel's march to Madrid with his wife Jimena. Candela doesn't listen to reason when she finds out that Virtudes wants to leave. Therefore, she will devise a plan to convince her otherwise.

Rómulo and Pía are still not convinced that the money belongs to the lords, but they will go to Petra with a mystery that worries them even more. Petra is once again suspicious of the relationship between Ayala and Margarita, but he continues to deny that he likes the lady. Restless, angry, upset, sad… not even Catalina herself knows how she feels after Pelayo's betrayal, who will do everything possible to seek her forgiveness. Salvador, after a new mistake in his work as first lackey, will push his relationship with Rómulo to the limit.

Preview of chapter 338 for Wednesday, April 17

Neither Jana nor Manuel know very well how to act with Abel after his latest revelation. For her part, Catalina remains completely sunk by the Count of Añil's deception. Lorenzo demands that Pelayo be paid what he is owed, despite the failed arms deal. Margarita is increasingly fed up with Martina's attitude towards Ayala. Simona strives to ensure that her daughter is comfortable in La Promesa and does not leave.

Lope wants to give Vera a gift and asks the cooks for advice. She piously intercedes for Salvador with Romulo, but he asks her not to interfere. Cruz delays the Dukes of the Infantes, while Jimena continues obsessively searching for information about who the woman her husband has fallen in love with is until she crosses certain limits.

Preview of chapter 339 for Thursday, April 18

Jimena continues her search for her husband's mysterious lover. The daughter of the Dukes of Infantes will find definitive proof of Manuel's great secret. The consequences will be unpredictable! Virtues feels horribly bad now that she has informed her mother that she has the firm intention of leaving The Promise. Only Pía's intervention will make him think better.

Catalina has a lot to rethink about Pelayo. He will do everything possible to regain her trust, but their future together seems very dark. Salvador is going to try to put his best face forward in his intention to keep the position of first lackey. Rómulo will make a decision that will be decisive for the boy's future. Abel agrees to follow Manuel's secret plan.

Preview of chapter 340 for Friday, April 19

Ayala and Margarita go to the cinema, much to Martina's displeasure. The approach of both becomes closer and closer and the inevitable ends up happening. Petra will witness this moment that will break her heart! Salvador resigns himself to not being promoted and agrees to stay as a simple lackey, although things will not be the same from now on with Rómulo. The butler will hire a new member of the service. Manuel tells his parents that his contact has given him hope: he believes that they can obtain a marriage annulment by relying on Jimena's deceptions.

Virtudes goes to Martos to try to fix things with his brother Antoñito. Lope finally gives Vera a gift and the maid loves it. Catalina is still very upset with Pelayo and, despite her explanations, she will make a serious decision. The evidence found by Jimena in the hangar could be the definitive evidence to bind her husband forever. Now that the marquises know Jimena's big secret regarding her false pregnancy, they seem willing to reveal the whole truth to the dukes of the Infantes.