The series based on the life of Máxima de Holland will arrive in Spain thanks to Atresmedia. The audiovisual group has acquired the exclusive broadcasting rights for Spain of 'Maximum'the fiction that narrates the beginning of the romance between the current queen consort of the Netherlands and King William Alexander.

After emerging as one of the most critically acclaimed productions at the latest edition of the Cannes International Series Festival, Canneseries, the company has reached an agreement with Beta Film and the fiction will soon be seen exclusively on Atresmedia.

'Máxima', which has six chapters of 50 minutes eachstars the Argentine actress Delfina Chaves as Máxima, and the Dutchman Martijn Lakemeier, who will play King William Alexander.

The fiction, based on the bestseller 'Máxima Zorreguieta: Madre Patria', by Marcia Luyten, discovers the life of the current Dutch queen before becoming part of the House of Orange. From the moment Máxima, a young Argentine woman, appears next to the Dutch crown prince, she finds herself in the spotlight. But when William Alexander asks her to marry him, her past catches up with him.

The filming of this blockbuster took place in Argentina, Belgium, Spain, the United States and the Netherlands. It has already premiered on Videoland, RTL's streaming platform in the Netherlands, and has already confirmed its next broadcast in Italy (RAI), Germany (RTL), Latin America (Warner Bros. Discovery), Austria (ORF), Latvia ( LTV) or Hong Kong (Now TV), among other territories.

In the words of Rachel van Bommel, executive producer of the fiction, “Máxima's story is close and inspiring, and is told from the point of view of a strong and independent woman. When writing a series based on true events, you constantly have to ask yourself where the truth and accuracy lie. In this series we tell the story of an emotional journey, from Máxima's old life to her new life, and the drama that accompanied it. To do this, we used the extensive and thorough research that Marcia Luyten carried out for her book, as well as the subsequent research that we did ourselves. The scenes are thoughtfully written. We will always see how the series develops the story through Máxima's eyes. “That's what will attract the public.”

For her part, the director of 'Máxima', Saskia Diesing, says: “In this series we want to create an emotional, sincere and intimate portrait of Máxima. Accessible and recognizable to a wide audience and, at the same time, she does not hide the most unpleasant and striking events in her family history, but rather brings them to light. During filming, the first and most important thing for me is that the camera work serves the emotion. In fact, different locations and cities lend themselves perfectly to this. Máxima, in real life, is someone you can't stop looking at. We were looking for someone who had exactly that thing that makes you want to keep looking at her. At Delfina Chaves we managed to find it.”