The Justice of Panama acquitted a group of 28 involved with the 'Panama Papers'

The Justice of Panama acquitted a group of 28 involved with the ‘Panama Papers’

A Panama court acquitted 28 people in the Panama Papers casea case that involved the leak of documents from the Mossack Fonseca law firm, that linked personalities from all over the world in capital banking.

The press release mentions that the Second Liquidator of Criminal Cases judge, Baloísa Marquínez acquitted the 28 people of the economic crime in the form of money laundering, compared to the Panama Papers and Lava Jato cases.

In the ruling, the judge noted that the electronic evidence presented did not comply with the processes that govern digital evidence to be certain of its authenticity and integrity; in addition, He pointed out that other evidence presented was not sufficient and conclusive to determine the guilt of the accused, both in the funds from Germany and those from Argentina.

On the other hand, the German lawyer, Jürgen Mossack, a founding partner of the firm, was acquitted of all charges.

Why is Lava Jato linked to Panama Papers?

The Lava Jato case was accumulated in the same file, since there was affinity and similarities of defendants and facts with the Panama Papers case. The investigation began in 2016, for facts that allegedly linked the Lava Ato operation in Brazil with the law firm in Panama.

In the Lava Jato case, The ruling indicated that it could not be determined whether the income of money was from illicit sources, coming from Brazil, to the Panamanian financial system to evade legal consequences.