Surfing around the world: Donosti, Cape Solander, Cloudbreak and the Tajo

Surfing around the world: Donosti, Cape Solander, Cloudbreak and the Tajo

The production of surf videos is such that from time to time they accumulate and we have to launch them in the same article. This week has passed with four videos recorded in Portugal, Basque Country, Australia and Fiji. Sites as varied as they are spectacular, with surfers as varied as they are incredible. Let’s go there.

Dangerous or fun?

This is the dilemma that the YouTuber and professional surfer poses to us. Borga Agote when getting into a surf session in San Sebastián. A video recorded in POV on the mythical wall, cleaning the wall, with a good queue of surfers taking a break to surf this left that breaks in the capital of Gipuzkoa.

The mouth of the Tagus

Nic Von Rupp He combines surf trips around the world with getaways along the fantastic coast of his country (Portugal), showing the benefits of Portuguese waves. In this case, surf in the large estuary that is formed at the mouth of the Tagus River in the Atlantic Ocean, called the Mar de la Paja or “Mar da Calha”, for the locals. When the seabed and the swell come together in the correct way, good waves are formed. This video, in which Ivo Santos and bodyboarder Hugo Pinheiro appear, is the proof that certifies it.

Pros vs Joes in Cloudbreak

Fiji’s most famous wave serves to inaugurate the No Contest season. Julian Wilson joins local Tevita Gukilau to discover local surfing and a Cloudbreak that hasn’t been seen in years. Along with Jon Roseman, Jojo Roper and Che Slatter, who join the party at Thundercloud Reef while being recorded by Red Bull and Stab Magazine cameras.

Spring Cape Solander

Don’t be fooled by the adjective spring. In the world of surfing it usually means good swells, powerful waves. Although, yes, it is the end of the season for the best waves. This is what is happening now in Australia, in the southern hemisphere. And more specifically in the Cape Solander wave, one of the most brutal and dangerous on the continent, located near Sydney. Here are 18 minutes of bombs recorded by Tim Bonython.

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