TVE maintains its commitment to period fiction. The Corporation has given the green light to the renewal for a third season of ‘La Moderna’the fiction produced by Boomerang TV in collaboration with Mediawan and the company itself RTVE.

As reported by Teleaudiencias, the Board of Directors of RTVE would have renewed the fiction for a third season that would consist of 85 episodes. We would then be talking about a much shorter batch of chapters than the one currently being broadcast, made up of a total of 116 episodes.

With this renewal, it is clear that ‘La Moderna’ will continue to partner with ‘La Promesa’ at least until the end of the year. The second season of the series, currently broadcast, was scheduled to end on August 30, but sporting events such as the Euro Cup or the Paris Olympic Games will see the normal broadcast of the fiction altered on numerous occasions, so the outcome season will be postponed until September. With the 85 episodes signed for the third season, the series has its life assured until the end of the year.

What will happen to ‘Wild Valley’?

After this renewal, the question arises as to what will happen to ‘Valle Salvaje’, the period daily fiction created by Bambú whose recordings have been underway since the end of April. At first, it was noted that this series could occupy the slot of ‘La Moderna’ or even ‘4 stars’, but with the signing of Broncano and the renewal of the afternoon series, it seems that this new project will not have much space in the La 1 grill, at least for now.