Peru's Ministry of Health stops considering trans people mentally ill

Peru’s Ministry of Health stops considering trans people mentally ill

Peru ordered to stop classifying those who identify as transgender, among others, as people with mental disorders, the country’s Ministry of Health said on Tuesday. after a backlash that critics called discriminatory.

The use of the terms “transsexualism” and “transvestism” as references to mental disorders will particularly cease.which had been included under a health insurance and benefits program, the Ministry of Health said on Tuesday.

The terms were included in a law approved in May by the Government, which sparked protests by the local LGBT+ community to demand that the rule be repealed.which specified those with “gender identity disorder” as eligible for public and private mental health services.

Representatives of the Lgbtq+ community in Peru welcomed the government’s rectification of the measure. “This has been a consequence of the work of LGBT human rights activists and defenders from all over the country,” said Gianina Camacho, a transgender activist.

Alex Hernández Muro, psychology project director of the group MORE Igualdad, also welcomed the decision and stated that this gives a message to politicians. “that there are advances at the international level and scientific advances that support that Lgtbq+ and specifically trans people do not have any disease.”

Critics of the law had argued that the use of health terms and regulations were unnecessary, since existing rules already allowed universal access to mental health services.

The word “identity disorder” will not be used to refer to transgender people and will be renamed “gender nonconformity,” the ministry said in a statement.

With the new provision, “respect for the dignity of the human person is categorically reaffirmed.” and their free actions within the framework of human rights by providing health services for their benefit,” the ministry added.