Drone attack in Ukraine damaged Russia's most advanced stealth fighter plane

Drone attack in Ukraine damaged Russia's most advanced stealth fighter plane

Ukraine attacked Russia's most advanced stealth plane for the first time in a drone strike aimed at limiting Moscow's ability to fire missilessaid a person familiar with the matter.

The Su-57 fighter jet was hit by Ukrainian-made drones at the Akhtubinsk air base in Astrakhanin southern Russia, about 590 kilometers (366 miles) from the battlefield, said the person, who asked not to be identified because they involve sensitive Ukrainian military operations.

Ukrainian military intelligence posted a statement on its website on Sunday with satellite images of Akhtubinsk airfield showing damagealthough he did not take responsibility for the attack.

Russia's Defense Ministry said on Saturday that three Ukrainian drones were shot down over the Astrakhan region., without commenting on reports of the plane's damage. Russian military bloggers confirmed that a drone attack had occurred on the Akhtubinsk air base.

Moscow has intensified missile attacks against Ukraine since the end of Marchreaching civil infrastructure and power generation facilities, causing blackouts throughout the country. The largest power plant in the capital region was destroyed in April by Russian Kh-69 missiles fired by Su-57 aircraft.

Ukraine has urged its partners to provide more air defense systems to protect infrastructure and civilians. The country has suffered an air defense shortage after delays in a $61 billion US aid package.