Angel Christ is once again the protagonist on Telecinco. Bárbara Rey's son was the main guest of last night's installment of the program 'Friday'. There, he waged war against his sister, Sofia Christwhich he attacked harshly.

According to him, the former contestant of 'Dance as you can' is another victim of his mother, Bárbara Rey and also announces that their relationship “she's totally dead”. Furthermore, he defends himself against her sister's attacks by calling him violent and aggressive: “What nonsense he says, he goes beyond the limits of absurdity and doesn't know how to defend himself. He is a victim of my mother. “He talks about things he hasn't experienced.”

They kicked her out of 'Secret Story' for being violent, it shows who is the aggressive one and who is the violent one. He has not taken advantage of the expensive schools that my mother has paid for with the money of the emeritus king,” he comments before emphasizing his role as an older brother. “I acted as brother and father to my sister and that has brought me a lot of problems. My mother was an absent mother. “He would lock himself in the room to stuff himself with pills.”

Finally, Ángel Cristo once again alluded to his sister's possible relapse into harmful substances and denied that she took care of her father: “Don't let her talk nonsense, The majority of the times she has gone to the circus was when she was little because she had a good time and when she was young because there were drugs.“.