'Catch a million' In its delivery last Saturday, March 2, it received two of the most fleeting contestants in the history of the format. Laura and Itziar, friends for 20 years, entered the set ready to take the maximum amount of money possible. What none of them could imagine was that the every prize was going to disappear in just a few minutes.

The contestants faced a first question related to cooking. “Which one has cuttlefish among its ingredients?”proposed the Antena 3 program, offering four possible answers: one of fried chocos, two of patatas bravas, three of crusted rice and four beers.

After quickly discarding the patatas bravas and the carnes, the friends decided to move all the money to the crusted rice option. “Chocos are fried squid,” one of them reflected. “When in doubt, divide,” he advised. Juanra Bonet. However, They decided to concentrate the wads of bills in a single trapdoor.

“You hesitated at the end and decided not to divide,” commented the presenter after time ran out, which generated some concern among the contestants: “There is no longer a solution, we can no longer do anything.” “It may be the shortest program in history”they joked before discovering they were right.

Moments later they witnessed how the million euros fell through the trapdoor, which ended their participation in the program. “I can't believe it. Why did we do this?”they lamented before Juanra Bonet explained the answer: “Fried cuttlefish are a typical tapa prepared with battered and fried cuttlefish.”