Tuisova's drama: she will not go to her son's funeral to qualify for Fiji

Tuisova’s drama: she will not go to her son’s funeral to qualify for Fiji

The great Rugby World Cup that Fiji is hosting has been overshadowed in recent hours after the death of the son of Fijian player Josua Tuisova became known. at only seven years old after failing to recover from a long illness.

According to the Fiji Village portal, Tuisova would have informed her father and grandfather of the little boy that she will not attend her son’s funeral. The reason is that Fiji is playing to secure its place in the quarterfinals of the Rugby World Cup in the match it plays next Sunday against Portugal.where a draw or a victory is enough for them to surpass Australia in the group C classification and thus seal their place among the best eight.

A tough dilemma for the Fijian player, who has found himself with the hardest news that a parent can receive a few hours before the historic match that Fiji will play against Portugal, where they will seek to dedicate their place to the quarterfinals wherever they are. and with him always in memory.

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