Tiger shark filmed attacking diver in Fiji

Tiger shark filmed attacking diver in Fiji

The International Shark Attack File, which collects annually shark attacks that occur in the world, especially distinguishes between two types: unprovoked and provoked. The first are those that occur without the victim doing anything that could “provoke” the shark, such as waiting at the peak to surf a wave. The second are those in which the sharks can interpret that they are in danger or that they have competition to eat. While with the former there is usually an attack and then they realize the confusion, the latter are more dangerous because they perceive the victim as a threat…

Well, today We look back to remember one of the seconds that had the most impact on social networks. It is that of a diver, Steven Sim, from a diving group that went to swim among sharks in the Fiji Islands, in 2019. Specifically in what they call Cathedral Dive Site, in Beqa Lagoon. The fact is that one of his colleagues was recording the experience with the GoPro and captured the attack:

“I never thought this could happen to me,” says Sim in a writing that accompanies the video on YouTube, “I’m sure I’m the first person to be attacked for swimming among sharks. “It happened very quickly, it came straight towards my head and bit me.” It was just as he tells it, although the claim that he is the first person to be attacked by a shark while diving… could not be further from the truth. There is an inherent danger related to this activity based precisely on data and bad experiences.

What happened is that the group saw the female walking around the area and, according to reports, one of the guides tried to keep the big fish away. Unsuccessfully and generating concern in the shark, which attacked Sim.

The guide and other divers came to his rescue. He left a wound of almost 8 centimeters, which is little considering what could have happened. if he had not come across the metal canister instead of the victim’s skull. When they got him away, they removed his mask and hood and were able to return him to the surface safely, with a simple “scratch” that he will remember for a lifetime.

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