This is how the referendum voting day progresses in Ecuador, the polls have already closed

This is how the referendum voting day progresses in Ecuador, the polls have already closed

From seven in the morning today, Sunday, April 21, Ecuadorians met at the polls to decide in a referendum whether to allow extradition and increase sanctions against drug traffickers; The process is taking place amid a climate of fear following the recent murders of two mayors this week and the continued rise in violence.

In an event held at the headquarters of the National Electoral Council, CNE, in Quito, the representatives of the CNE, together with the President of the Republic, Daniel Noboaand other state leaders, They started the day this Sunday.

The election, which has already concluded with the closing of the polls, will determine the implementation of comprehensive reforms in the judicial, legal and constitutional spheres. These reforms cover crucial aspects such as the role of the Armed Forces in the fight against organized crime and security in prisons, the extradition procedure, the extension of sentences, the regulation of hourly work, the adoption of international arbitration mechanisms and the possibility of the State assuming ownership of assets acquired illicitly.

In Quito, the president @DanielNoboaOk participated in the inauguration of the process of #ReferendumYConsulta2024. Today, around 13,654,291 voters are authorized to vote. The President highlighted that “it is the day on which we will bury an old country of violence, anguish and…

— Presidency Ecuador 🇪🇨 (@Presidencia_Ec) April 21, 2024

In the middle of the opening of election day, Noboa mentioned that the Popular Consultation and Referendum has collected several proposals, but noted that his government focuses on “the security of Ecuadorians and in recovering the peace of Ecuadorian families.”

As Ecuadorians we have the great duty to go to vote and take care of the popular will, As rulers we have the obligation to abide by it.“said the president.

The voting process in Ecuador came to an end at five in the afternoon, with the closing of the polls throughout the country. The National Electoral Council, CNE, officially declared the end of voting in the Popular Consultation and Referendum, with a participation close to 72%.

Although, the president of the CNE, Diana Atamaint, in the company of the members of the electoral council and representatives of the Armed Forces and the Police, reported that the day passed calmly and without incidents, The authorities reported the murder of the director of a prison in the countryan event that occurred during the afternoon.

The victim is Cosme Parrales, who held the position of director at the El Rodeo prison, located in the city of Portoviejo, belonging to the coastal province of Manabí. This information was confirmed in a statement issued by the National Service for Comprehensive Attention to Persons Deprived of Liberty, Snai, the state penitentiary entity.