Are you one of those who ends meals with a dessert? Do you like it to snack something cool to beat the heat? If so, read carefully, because you are going to discover the five establishments with the best ice cream Cordova.

Tripadvisor, a website that searches and classifies hotels, vacation plans and rentals, also filters gastronomic establishments. In this way, among the 15 ice cream parlors that it classifies in the city, today we reveal to you the five where to have the best ice cream.

The five best ice cream parlors in Córdoba

These are, in accordance with the order established by Tripadvisor, the best establishments in which to drink a cool ice cream in the capital:

Good Gelato

In the Ronda de Isasa street the artisanal ice cream parlor is located Good Gelatoa perfect place to have an ice cream with views of the Guadalquivir. With a wide variety of flavors, this ice cream parlor is the favorite of customers who have reviewed it on Tripadvisor. His wide offer added to the quality of its products delights those who come to this place for a snack.

Furthermore, at Buonisssimo Gelato they take into account the intolerances that their clients may have, so they have vegetarian and vegan options.

Ice creams of different flavors at the Buonisssimo ice cream parlor.

The Italian Cordoba couple in charge of this ice cream parlor have received comments on Tripadvisor such as “spectacular ice creams”, “magnificent service” or “very good ice creams”, which is a incentive to visit this place taking a walk through Córdoba.

Victoria Market

The best-known gourmet market in Córdoba is home to numerous food establishments. Located in the Victory Walkhe Victoria Market It is a transit point for those who go out for a walk through the city center, so there is a product that cannot be missing from its catalog: the frozen.

Now that they begin to raise temperaturesthis refreshing sweet is essential for many as a means to mitigate the effects of the Córdoba heat.

Nocciolata Gelateria He has a stall in the Victoria Market and sells ice cream made daily in the bakery they have at their premises. Thus, its wide range of flavors is the perfect companion for hot summer days.

Tub of banoffee ice cream, from Nocciolata Gelateria.

The Flower of Levante

With various locations in the city – Plaza de las Tendillas, José María Martorell street, Ronda de los Tejares avenue, among them- The Flower of Levante It is one of the ice cream parlors with the most history in Córdoba.

His home made ice cream and the variety of flavors are the greatest incentives for the customers of this establishment who, since 1934supplies the people of Cordoba with ice cream and smoothies of the best quality.

An ice cream from La Flor de Levante, in a file image.

David Rico

Another historic one from Córdoba, the David Rico ice cream parlor has been running since 1938 in the corner of the Jesús y María street with Málaga street. This establishment is one of the favorites for ice cream lovers to enjoy this refreshing sweet.

With two other locations in the city, on Isla Fuerteventura Avenue and Concepción Street, David Rico remains as one of the most loved ice cream shops by the people of Córdoba – and tourists – who, on Tripadvisor, have written “incredible” or “delight” to refer to their star products.

Tourists at the David Rico ice cream parlor on Concepción Street, in a file image.

Escoda Ice Cream Shop

Occupying fifth place in the ranking of the best ice cream parlors in Córdoba according to Tripadvisor, the Escoda Ice Cream Shoplocated in the Doctor Fleming Avenueoffers very good quality ice cream.

The third generation of Jijonenco ice cream makers in front of this establishment small but cozy offers artisan ice cream in a privileged location, very close to the Mosque-Cathedralwhich is one more reason to buy an ice cream at this place and stroll calmly through the streets of Córdoba.

They also have gluten-free and lactose-free options for those who need it.

Ice cream from Escoda Ice Cream Shop.

With the heat of the Cordoba summer, a good ice cream is the best ally. We hope that the options proposed on this page allow you to enjoy this refreshing product as many times as you like.