One more night, the most famous restaurant on television opened its doors to provide new opportunities to single men and women eager to find love. This time, the protagonists were Jessica and Rafa, who arrived on 'First Dates' hoping to find someone with whom to share tastes and hobbies.

Jessica, a circus artist who has always been “the one they left behind”, was the first to arrive, looking for a person to be with “forever” and have many children. Shortly after, Carlos Sobera welcomed Rafa, a romantic worker from Almeria that reserves kisses for the most intimate moments.

Although the first impressions were not the best, since Rafa did not fit Jessica's prototype, both decided to continue with the evening. They soon discovered that they had a lot in common and shared the same goals in life, such as starting a family and establishing a lasting relationship.

However, the first impression influenced his final decisions. Rafa confessed that “I would have a second date with Jessica because I really liked her and she is very nice,” but Jessica rejected Rafa, seeing it more as a one-night stand. “I really liked you, but I don't see it for a second serious relationship date. If you want, we'll go on a getaway in your camper and if it happens… Or I haven't caught your attention for a good fuck.”he explained.

At that moment, Rafa revealed a hidden talent: “When the occasion is, I will tie you in a knot with my tongue.” Jessica, surprised, exclaimed: “My God, how he has to suck! I have to taste that tongue, at least down there.” To which Rafa responded: “Now, you regret it. One hour is not enough.”