The Prosecutor's Office asks to archive the investigation of Begoña Gómez, wife of Pedro Sánchez

The Prosecutor's Office asks to archive the investigation of Begoña Gómez, wife of Pedro Sánchez

The Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Madrid has requested the file of the investigation opened by a judge against Begoña Gómez, wife of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, for influence peddling and corruption in business.

The Madrid Prosecutor's Office has appealed the decision of the head of the Investigative Court Number 41 of Madrid to open investigation proceedings against Begoña Gómez. Tax sources have informed Europa Press that The Public Ministry has requested that the order of April 16 by which Judge Juan Carlos Peinado adopted the decision to open the case that he has declared secret be revoked.

As reported by fiscal sources, the Prosecutor's Office has appealed directly to the Provincial Court the decision of the head of the Court of Instruction number 41 of Madrid, who yesterday afternoon addressed the Public Ministry to send him the complaint that gave rise to the proceedings of investigation that remains secret.

According to these sources, It is the first time that the instructor communicates with the Prosecutor's Office, since he opened the proceedings without having requested a prior report from the Public Ministry.

Although it was on Wednesday when it emerged that the judge had agreed to open proceedings, the decision was adopted on April 16. According to what El Confidencial has published, among the first procedures ordered is the summoning of several witnesses.

The aforementioned investigation was opened on April 16 following a complaint filed by Manos Liminas accusing him of the alleged crimes of influence peddling and corruption. as announced by the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (Tsjm).

The self-proclaimed Clean Hands union filed the lawsuit yesterday, although today it has admitted that its action was based on journalistic information, whose veracity or not those who published them would be responsible. The complaint led to Sánchez's decision to cancel his agenda until Monday to reflect on whether or not he will continue as head of the Executive.

The complaint of Manos Cleans was registered by its president Miguel Bernad on April 9 and in it he maintained that Begoña Gómez, “taking advantage of her personal status, wife of the president of the Government of Spain, “has been recommending or endorsing by letter of recommendation with his signature businessmen who participated in public tenders.”

From the union, they assure that one of the businessmen “benefited by these recommendations or endorsements” of Gómez is Carlos Barrabés, who would have been awarded public tenders worth 10 million euros (US$10 million). “This businessman, in addition, set up the Master of Competitive Social Transformation of the accused,” they maintain, and add that Begoña Gómez's chair also signed that businessman as an associate professor.

On the other hand, he points out that Víctor de Aldama, who is investigated by the National Court as the alleged perpetrator of the 'Koldo case', was Begoña Gómez's contact at Globalia and earned US$7.13 million before “the company's rescue” was negotiated.

Added to this is that Air Europa “agreed to pay 40,000 euros (US$42,780) per year to the defendant's Africa Center” and that the Globalia and The Business Institute included the delivery of 15,000 euros (US$16,042) per year in first class flights for Begoña Gómez and her team.

Furthermore, Clean Hands maintained that the letters of recommendation and endorsements from the accused “triggered the awards to businessmen with whom she had a friendly relationship.”

In its complaint, the union requests that both Begoña Gómez and those responsible for the media outlets that published news on the matter be summoned to testify. It also requests that the letters of recommendation and the files of the contracts awarded to Carlos Barrabés be provided.