The bases of Can Galicia rejects the coalition with Sumar, so the pact agreed upon by the leadership of both forces explodes and each formation will compete separately in the Galician elections on February 18. The purple formation will be presented with Alianza Verde, and Isabel Faraldo, a former turncoat in A Coruña, will be its candidate.


  • Pablo Iglesias asks the rank and file of Podemos to reject the coalition with Sumar and ask for a vote for the BNG

  • Monedero disagrees with Iglesias and asks to vote ‘yes’ to the Podemos coalition with Sumar in Galicia

The internal consultation of the purple ones It ended with 1,567 votes against the alliance with Add and Esqueda Unida (62.36%), 911 in favor (36.25%) and 35 blank (1.39%). Paradoxically, the primaries that were held in parallel supported the “official” list of Transform Galicia with 41.6% support compared to 34% of critics and 23.6% blank votes. The organization does not reveal the total number of registered members or the percentage of participation, although in 2018 it stated that it had around 11,000 militants, not all of them with an active presence in their daily lives.

The official list represented the leadership of Podemos Galicia, which, in the hands of Borja San Ramón, supported the confluence with Sumar. Their candidate for the Xunta will finally be Faraldo and they argue the need for their ideas “not to be orphaned” to run on 18-F.

The result shows the gap between both forces, which It crystallized in the abandonment of the five Podemos deputies from the Sumar ranks in Congress, fleeing to the mixed group.

The internal vote took place on Thursday and Friday and On the first day the former leader of the party burst in, Pablo Iglesiasto ask the bases, through an editorial in their communication channel, that reject the agreementthey gave up running in the elections and asked the BNG to vote.

Iglesias alleged that Sumar humiliated Podemos, by remaining number one on the lists of A Coruña and Pontevedra, the one with the best chance of achieving representation.

The highest organic person responsible for Podemos, former minister Ione Belarra, linked the decision of its members with the desire to that his political project “is respected.” “It (the militancy) is proud of what we are, what we have done and what we can do in the future. We are the only organization in which the leaders do not rule, but the people. “Yes, you can,” he alleged on his Pablo Iglesias revealed through a tweet, minutes before the closing of the deadline to register coalitions, that Podemos accepted those conditions.

The breakup shows the unbridgeable distance between Podemos and Sumar and avoids the paradox that those who cannot share a group in Congress would campaign hand in hand in Galicia.

Sumar resigned. “We regret the decision. We have done what we should,” sources from the organization told Europa Press. Its candidate to preside over the Xunta, Marta Lois, told FARO on Wednesday about the existence of a plan B if the coalition was not sealed: “We understand that the political forces that make a pre-agreement are serious and will live up to moment”.