Malena Gracia left Paco Arévalo’s funeral home completely broken after the comedian’s family wouldn’t let her say goodbye to him for the last time. However, the comedian’s son explained that he had been politely told that was not well received for everything he has talked about his father on television.

This Friday, we were able to speak with the comedian’s sister, the person who spoke with Malena at the funeral home and the one who invited him to leave there. “I am very affected, it is something that no one expected, she went to bed and He had a bit of a cold for three days.“My nephew came in to bring him juice, he came out and 20 minutes later he came in and found him dead,” he confessed.

Also, as for how he will remember him, he told us that his brother “He was wonderful, a very good person, a great friend to his friends and with exaggerated empathy towards everyone.”

Finally, the comedian’s sister told us how she kicked Malena out of the funeral home: “I spoke to her, I told her that a message had already been sent to her not to appear there, but she blew it off and she appeared.”

Furthermore, she has confessed that “when we don’t let her in, She went outside and was sitting on a bench with the phone, laughing and talking to whoever it was. and he was waiting for what I assumed… to then go out and do the drama, so he already has a little program or two, to keep going.”

Without mincing words, Arévalo’s sister assured that “My brother must have regretted getting together with her”making it clear that they did not like what he said over time in various television programs about him.