The National Federation for the Protection of Dogs Used for Hunting, specific and professional activities (Fenpca) was created this week with the presidency in the hands of the Córdoba lawyer Dulce Aguilera, president of the Association of Legal Professionals United for Animal Defense and the Environment of Córdoba (Damac Jurists).

According to what the entity states, “after the exclusion of dogs used for huntingspecific and professional activities of the National Animal Protection Law, this national federation is created made up of animal protection entities that have been dedicated for years to the rescue, shelter, recovery and legal defense of battered dogs. used for hunting, work and guarding with the aim of defending them before the institutions». In this regard, born to act throughout the national territory, its founding partners are the associations Galgos del Sur, Mastines en la Calle, Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Málaga, Fundación Benjamín Mehnert, Apa Rioja, La Sonrisa Animal, SOS Galgos and Damac Jurists.

Among its objectives are aspects such as “the establishment of a communication relationship with the different public administrationsso that the federation becomes a reference in terms of the protection of dogs used for hunting, specific and professional activities, representation in administrative and judicial procedures or carrying out supervisory work of the administration in hunting matters. , among many others”.

Thus, they point out that they will defend and support “the end of the mistreatment of dogs used for hunting, work and guarding”, at the same time that they will act “without hesitation in the face of any punishable act” and they hope that “increasinglyanimal associations let us unite and federate to eradicate abuse and abandonment.