He Córdoba City Council has commissioned the Cordoba Professional Association of Sacred Art (Artesa) the restoration of the statue of the triumph of Saint Raphael which was located in the Plaza de El Alpargate and which was destroyed by a fallen tree as a result of the storm last October.

The delegates of Urban Planning and Festivals and Traditions, Miguel Ángel Torrico and Julián Urbano, respectively, have held a meeting with representatives of said association to address the terms of the commission once the relevant evaluations have concluded that the restoration is viable. The restorer supervising the work to be carried out in the triumph, declared as an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), will be Marina Ruiz

The image is guarded by the City Council

Since the damage occurred to the statue, the City Council has guarded said property waiting to determine if it could be recovered or if it was necessary to make a replica to put it back in its place.

A video captures the exact moment in which the storm destroys the San Rafael del Alpargate