He Board of Directors of RTVE has not agreed this Monday to contract the format of 'The resistance', presented by David Broncanoby three years and 14 million annuallyand has called on the Content Directorate to present another proposal with a duration of one year.

This has been pointed out to EFE by sources from the Board of Directors, who have specified that the decision of postpone the vote It was adopted in an extraordinary meeting in which the green light was not given to the initial proposal put forward by the Content Directorate to contract the format presented by Broncano for three years, at a rate of 14 million euros per year.

Instead the Council has called for a new proposal for its evaluation, that of a one-year contract, which is usual in this type of spaces, and with other types of conditions.

This proposal could be studied in a new Council meeting next week.

In Movistar+

'The resistance', from the producer The Terratis currently broadcast on Movistar Plus+with which he has a contract until the month of June.

The proposal to sign Broncano contemplated broadcasting the program in prime timein the same time slot occupied by 'El hormiguero', by Pablo Motos, on Antena 3, which starts at 9:45 p.m.

Success format

Broncano (Santiago de Compostela, 1985) became known with the monologues and was professionally trained after the hand of Buenafuente y Compañía.

His monologues led him to productions such as 'Nuevos comedians', by Paramount Comedy, 'These are not the news' (Cuatro), 'Illustrious ignorant men' (Canal+), 'Someone had to say it' (La Sexta), “Comedy club' (The Sixth) and 'Late Motiv' (Movistar Plus+), among other programs.

On radio he has collaborated in spaces such as 'No Somos Nadie' (M80) and 'Hoy Por Hoy' (SER), among others, although it was 'Modern life' (SER), where he became one of the national phenomena of radio humor along with Héctor de Miguel and Ignatius Farray.

In 2018 he began to present 'The Resistance', a program that he also co-directs, and which in 2019 received the Ondas Award for best entertainment program.