'Survivors 2024' celebrates a grand final this Tuesday in which there will be no shortage of the legendary arrival of the finalists by helicopter to the Mediaset facilities. After more than 100 days of adventures in the Cayos Cochinos, the reality show presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez reaches its conclusion being one of the main lifesavers of Telecinco audiences.

In the absence of their grand finale, the Thursday galas have averaged a 20.1% screen share and 1,455,000 viewers, being the audience leader in all its broadcasts. To these data, we must add the data for the 'express' strip, which has obtained an average of 11.9% and 1,511,000 compared to 'El hormiguero'.

If we analyze in more detail, the format has achieved a 18.9% average in commercial target during the 15 galas that have been broadcast up to this point. The data for young people aged 13-24 (20.7%) and 25-44 years (21.2%) have stood out this season, which has obtained special attention in autonomous territories such as the Canary Islands (27.5% ), Andalusia (26.5%), Madrid (20%) and Valencian Community (20%).

'Survivors. No Man's Land', for its part, has reached an average of 17.1% and 1,256,000 viewers, beating the second option in its range by almost 6 points (11.2%). Furthermore, he has led among the spectators of the target commercial (16.5%) and of all ages, with special attention to the 13-24 year old (17.5%) and 25-44 year old (18%) segments. The program led by Carlos Sobera and Laura Madrueño has led in nine regional markets with a notable following in the Canary Islands (23.3%), Andalusia (22.1%), Madrid (17.9%) and the Valencian Community (17.3). %).

Also, 'Survivors. Conexión Honduras' with Sandra Barneda has signed uan average of 16.2% and 1,399,000 viewers, surpassing the next option in its range by almost 7 points (9.3%). With 15.5% in the commercial target, it has also been the reference for the audience segment most in demand by advertisers. Furthermore, it has led in all age targets and in 11 regional markets, with special mention to the Canary Islands (23.2%), Andalusia (19.7%), 'Rest' (17%), Madrid (16.8% ) and Valencian Community (16.6%).