Surfing around the world: from the Google founder's yacht to thalassophobia

Surfing around the world: from the Google founder’s yacht to thalassophobia

This week, the surf video menu is so varied like it includes a superyacht of the founder of Google, attempts at a double foil flip by Kai Lenny, the Spanish-Brazilian Vicente Romero doing the trick in Portugal or a short film by Andrés Sánchez Belzunces that bears the name of having a fear of the ocean. Come and see.

A superyacht at the peak

The renowned surf photographer and filmer Brent Bielmann published a curious video recorded on the islands Fiji in which a superyacht made an appearance at the peak. There, with a surfer taking advantage of a left for him, the mega-boat with helicopter offered a curious landscape to say the least. As surfer Jeannie Chesser confirmed to DMarge, “it belongs to the founder of Google and his wife, Lucy, with whom I have been surfing and she has an entourage of men on jet skis who return her to the peak once she has surfed; she is nice.”


Thalassophobia is the intense and persistent fear of the open sea, of being surrounded by water and of not knowing what may be lurking beneath. Andrés Sánchez Belzunces, a young film director and surf lover, has published a video based on this concept that he defines as “a kind of love and fear letter to our obsession.” It is filmed along the Atlantic coast of Europe (Spain, Portugal, Morocco…) following the Mexican surfer residing in Spain Carlos Dominguez Cervantes on his little trips.

Kai Lenny exploring

Not exploring some new country or waves, no. Exploring the limits of foil surfing. The world benchmark for water sports – dominating kite, windsurfing, SUP, surfing, tow-in, etc. – is on display again. In a sport like foiling, which is gaining more and more followers but the majority of its practitioners are still fighting to get the board out of the water, Kai Lenny He is already flying like no one else and practicing double backflips. She is crazy.

Vicente Romero in Portugal

We end with a classic of surf videos: a professional surfer traveling the world with friends and surfing. In this case the protagonist is the Hispanic-Brazilian Vicente Romero and the destination is Portugal. His friends, Julio Terres, Caiña Barletta, Andy Criere, Gony Zubizarretavisit to a shaper and a typical Pasteis de Belem to close the clip.

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