Sports equipment giant Decathlon reorganizes its brand structure

Sports equipment giant Decathlon reorganizes its brand structure

decathlonin line with its objective of bringing sport to as many people as possible, has launched a reorganization of the structure of its brands and has renewed its corporate imagewhich includes a new logo called the orbit.

The company is now committed to having a more simplified structure for its sports brands, which is divided into a total of nine brands, both specialist and so-called experts.

Among the specialists are Quechua (mountain), Tribord (water and sailing), Rockrider (outdoor cycling), Domyos (fitness), Kuikma (racket), Kipsta (team sports), Caperlan (nature), Btwin (urban sliding and mobility) and Inesis (precision). For their part, the so-called expert brands are Van Rysel, Simond, Kiprun and Solognac.

The other axis of this new direction of the company is the renewed corporate image, which seeks to transmit movement, the ambition to reach new heights and the commitment to circularity. During the presentation of this new strategy, the company's global CEO, the Spanish Bárbara Martin Coppola, pointed out that the movement “is good for health.” and confirmed that the number of inactive people and obesity has increased, also among children.

“We want to contribute to people's activities, helping them lead a happy life, playing sports at all levels”added the directive.

The new roadmap of the multinational french origin It also involves bringing sport to people in a sustainable way, so it has committed to reducing total carbon dioxide emissions by 20% in well as cutting emissions by 42% by 2030 and reaching neutrality in 2050, as part of the Net Zero 2050 commitment.

Thus, the company has decoupled business growth from carbon dioxide emissions and is working with its suppliers to install sustainability objectives throughout the supply chain, managing to decarbonize processes and integrate circularity into its operations.

On the other hand, Decathlon's strategy for the coming years is also based on improving customer satisfaction, with a strong digital focus.. The firm is going to digitize its entire business model, which, according to Martin Coppola, makes the company more “agile and reactive” to customer needs.

To do this, the entity will renew its global website, so that the online channel has been reformulated, incorporating more resources and artificial intelligence algorithms., which will help plan the offer and improve product stocks. These advances allow us to reduce logistics and transportation costs, with the consequent positive effect on the carbon footprint and delivery time.

As part of this commitment to digitalization and innovation, Decathlon will renovate more than 1,700 of its global stores in the coming months with an unprecedented configuration that will improve customer navigation and will increase the visibility of products, with physical and digital media.