Sofia Suescun became known in 2015 as a result of his participation in 'Big Brother 16', winning the victory and becoming one of the most recognized characters in the Mediaset universe. After participating in other Telecinco reality shows, in 2021 she ended her collaborations with the communication group, following an alleged veto that has kept her away from the sets and focused on her role as an influencer.

Three years later, Sofia reappeared last night by surprise in Telecinco to send a message of support to your boyfriend, Kiko Jimenez, during the broadcast of 'Survivors: No Man's Land'. “Hello, my love! You can't imagine how much I want to see you, but there's less to go,” the Navarrese began by saying through a video that caused the contestant to cry.

In addition, she took the opportunity to give him some advice about the 'infernal ferris wheel', a test that she herself faced in 2018 and which to this day continues to be the most memorable of the contest: “When you are up on those poles, for God's sake I ask you to concentrate as much as possible, to think of me, because I am going to send you all my energy so that you do not fall”. “Good luck, my life! I love you madly,” she concluded.

A few words before which Kiko could not contain his emotion: “I've been waiting for this moment for a long time.”. “Thank you very much for the detail. I love you very much and I needed to hear you now. I love you a lot,” the contestant responded from the island.

With this message, Sofía Suescun returned to Telecinco for one night after three years of absence. In 2022, Maite Galdeano's daughter denied that her disappearance from her sets was the result of a veto. “I don't want to talk about vetoes. I don't feel vetoed, suddenly I didn't go to Telecinco programs anymore and I focused on social networks”he stated in an interview.