Polls prior to the Biden-Trump debate have both politicians in a technical tie

Polls prior to the Biden-Trump debate have both politicians in a technical tie

Looking ahead to the first presidential debate between the president, Joe Biden, and the former president and again candidate, Donald Trump, they arrive with a technical tie in terms of the voting intention of the voters of the American Union. According to the most recent survey conducted by YouGov and sponsored by The Economist, the candidates of the Democratic and Republican parties share a voting intention of 42%.

Biden regains ground

The results of the latest poll reflect a recovery in the voting intention of the current president of the United States. In the results delivered by YouGov in January, Donald Trump led the polls by having 44% of voting intentions compared to 43% for the current president and candidate for the Democratic Party, Joe Biden.. Following this, in the March survey, Trump remained ahead by two percentage points compared to his opponent in the electoral race (44% compared to 42% for Biden).

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However, in the last poll the loads were equal to 40% in voting intention for the two main candidates; Robert F. Kennedy, candidate for the We The People party and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, only has 9% voting intention according to the June survey.

Presidential debate begins

At the CNN facilities in Atlanta, today at 8:00 pm there will be the first debate between the candidates to occupy one of the most important positions in the world. Mateo Amaya, political scientist and internationalist from the University of Rosario, affirms that the debate should not necessarily be taken as a “boxing ring” (especially by Donald Trump) if the current concerns about the apparent deterioration of the state of health that hang over the president of the United States and a hypothetical inability to assume this position for four more years.

“The Republican candidate should not necessarily enter into confrontation with Joe Biden considering his current state of health. “Trump could take advantage of this to show his ideas and demonstrate that the president may not be in the best condition,” Amaya expressed.

The topics to touch

The main concerns of the American electorate revolve around three specific topics:migration policy, support for Ukraine in the war with Russia, and the fate of geopolitical and trade relations with China.

Regarding immigration issues, the precedent of President Biden’s failed attempt to reach a bipartisan agreement on the future of immigration policy with the Republican wing persists. On the other hand, while Biden has been clear in his intentions to support Ukraine, Donald Trump has been more cautious in his demonstrations due to the close relations he shares with President Vladimir Putin.