Petro calls for the United Nations to meet urgently after Iran attack

Petro calls for the United Nations to meet urgently after Iran attack

Amid the tensions unleashed by Iran's attack on Israel, Colombian President Gustavo Petro made an urgent call for caution. According to X, the president said that “we are facing the prelude to World War III” at a time when the world “should rebuild its economy toward the rapid goal of decarbonization.”

The president's words come at a critical moment, after Iran launched armed drones and missiles at Israel from its territory in response to an attack in Syria that claimed the lives of senior Iranian military officers.

Petro requested an urgent meeting of the United Nations to seek avenues for dialogue and negotiation that could lead to a peaceful solution.. “The United Nations must meet urgently and must immediately commit to peace,” emphasized the Colombian president.

The Colombian president also urged a deep reflection on the consequences of armed conflictswarning that “everyone knows how wars start, no one knows how they end.”

It was predictable; We are now in the prelude to World War III precisely when humanity should rebuild its economy towards the rapid goal of decarbonization. The support of the US, in practice, for a genocide, has ignited the world.

Everyone knows how…

— Gustavo Petro (@petrogustavo) April 14, 2024

Iran's mission to the United Nations justified the attack as a legitimate defensive response to the incident in Damascus, of which Israel has not recognized its participation. He also warned the United States to stay away from the conflict and threatened an even harsher response in case of new attacks by Israel.

Meanwhile, the American president, Joe Biden has reiterated his country's commitment to Israel's security in the face of threats from Iran. In a statement issued from the White House, Biden assured that his national security team is closely monitoring the situation and that the United States will continue to support Israel in its defense against any aggression.