Owen Farrell kicks Fiji

Owen Farrell kicks Fiji

Owen Farrell knew how to read better than anyone the quarter-final match of the World Cup in France that pitted his country, England, against Fiji. The captain of the 15th of La Rosa knew that the physical strength of the Pacific islanders was superior and that they had to join forces in any situation that arose. That’s why Each error by Fiji, of which there were many, was taken advantage of by Farrell to add three by three in penalty hits… in addition to a conversion of a try and a drop. In total 20 points for him which were the key to winning 30 to 24.

Experience and skill was decisive in withstanding the attacks and threats of great surprise from Fiji, who were able to make three tries (the eighth Viliame Mata, the pilier Peni Ravai and the flyer Vilimoni Botitu). The errors in the shots on sticks by Lomani and Kuruvoli took their toll and They will surely regret and remember three relatively simple wrong attempts.

ThusEngland reaches its sixth World Cup semi-final and will seek a fifth final, and a second title, when they face the winner of the match between hosts France and defending champions South Africa next Saturday.

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