Omar Sanchez He reappeared on television last night to be interviewed by the program 'On Friday'. There, he talked about how he felt when he found out about his ex-wife's pregnancy, Anabel Pantoja.

The worst moment this year for me“Without a doubt, it was when I woke up and woke up to the news that my ex-partner was getting pregnant,” confesses the Canary Islander before the Telecinco cameras.

“I was surprised, I say “what's amazing, right?” She got pregnant, well I'm glad she was looking for it, but That day was quite hard for me because my breakup with Marina and all the press calling me. It's like all the stars came together to make it one of the worst days of my life,” the surfer continued explaining.

“I had a head that I had to turn off the phone. I spent the whole day crying. When I see Anabel's cover I say 'how fast'”reveals while clarifying what his current feelings are towards Isabel Pantoja's niece. “I don't feel anything about Anabel today, we met recently at a festival but we didn't even say 'hello',” he sentenced.