More than half of Americans believe Trump and Biden are "too old" for presidency

More than half of Americans believe Trump and Biden are “too old” for presidency

Donald Trump continues his path to be nominated by the Republican Party for the presidential elections of the United States that will take place in November of this year.

The former president comes from a victory in the Nevada boarding schoolit was the second vote for presidential preferences in which he faced Ryan Binkley, a little-known politician.

This triumph, the first of the western territories to hold the caucus and one of the so-called swing stateswithout a clear inclination towards one of the main parties, assured Trump of the vote of 26 delegates at the Republican National Convention that is scheduled for July 15 and 18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

However, More than half of American citizens believe that both he and President Joe Biden are “too old to be in charge of the White House”according to a survey released today by the local press.

Who are the candidates for the United States presidential elections?

Biden, 81, and Trump, 77, They are emerging as the main competitors for next November’s elections, which will appoint the head of the White House for the period 2025-29.

Of those consulted by the firm Ipsos, 59% thought that “neither of the two is qualified to lead the country” in the next period, reported ABC News television.

When the opinion was requested on each of them separately, 86% said that Biden is too old to be president again and 62% said the same about Trump.

Instead, The results were different depending on the party sympathies of those consulted.: Among Democrats, 73% said Biden is too old to remain in the White Housebut among Republicans, only 35% disapproved of Trump’s eventual return for that reason.

The survey was carried out between February 9 and 10after special counsel Robert Hur’s report was released that described Biden as a older man with memory problemsaccording to the Europa Press news agency.