“We try to make classic rock and roll, composing songs that we would like to listen to ourselves,” explain Dani, Alberto, Miguel, Valen and Pablo, who has just arrived to replace Brais on drums. Born in the post-pandemic summer of 2021, Misty Day is reflected in groups such as The Hangmen, BRMC and the Stones, or the nationals Burning and Los Zigarrosrecognizing that “In the musical part, you are always really influenced by what you like and what you are currently listening to.”.

Titles like “Lady Runaway”, “I’m Out of Here” or “The Year Paris Burned” They make up a brief repertoire of songs whose lyrics, although not 100% autobiographical, “are related to personal feelings, experiences and moments, because there is always some truth in the message that is conveyed. Those who know you well know perfectly well where you come from and where the lyrics are going.”

No matter how new you are, you have to work and put in more effort than before, keep your social networks constantly updated and record music with a certain quality.

Misty Day’s nearest future lies in “continue composing, rehearsing and working, which in the end is what takes up most of our time”, although they admit that their wish is “for them to let us play, because it is what we like and why we are in this. We do not expect to fill the Wizink or play at the ARF, which would not be bad, even if we were the last on the bill”, they warn sailors.

The challenge of moving forward and evolving with your own music

Until that time comes, they are content with “being able to play regularly and give people a bit of rock and roll, and make them lift their heads from their mobile phone screens.” So, this summer, unless some proposal comes up that they can’t refuse, they are going to dedicate it to continuing to work on new compositions, and to integrating their new drummer, Pablo, since Brais can no longer continue in the group.

And so, working with passion and determination, Misty Day wants to prepare well to perform at her best when the time comes, in a new music industry in which she sees few opportunities, and too many limits.No matter how new you are, you have to work harder than before, keep your social media constantly updated and record music with a certain quality. Then, no one risks hiring a group without some guarantee that more people than their family and colleagues will like it, which is logical in part, but makes it very difficult to advance and evolve.“An argument that explains phenomena such as the proliferation of tribute bands and cover bands.”In the end, it’s what people ask for, that is, nothing new. But that’s the game, and you have to adapt to its rules.”.