After the departure of Maria Patino and Nuria Marin, ‘Socialite’ This weekend a new stage began in Telecinco with Maria Verdoy in front. The journalist debuted at the head of the format with a message for her predecessors in the position, highlighting the role they have played as presenters of the space for the last six years.

“I open with all my enthusiasm a very special gift, which is being on this set. A set that María Patiño and Nuria Marín have taken care of, and in what way. I want to send you a kiss, colleagues. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having left such a unique, beautiful and authentic legacy,” Verdoy began by saying during his premiere on ‘Socialité’.

Some words that have not gone unanswered by María Patiño. Although it was clear that Verdoy was referring to the “legacy” that both she and Marín have left on ‘Socialité’, The former collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ has made a note through her personal profile in X.

“I don’t leave a legacy, I continue working”Patiño wrote during Saturday afternoon, just a few hours after the first ‘Socialité’ with Verdoy at the controls. “Pregnant woman…”he added in his message along with a winking emoji.

In this way, the journalist insists that she has new projects in hand, as she already announced during her farewell to the Telecinco program: “I’m going to keep walking, I’m going to keep walking. Wait for me, because there is still a lot of war to fight.” “I need to walk and create another baby again, so that when it is older and an adult like ‘Socialité’, it flies alone. Now I am leaving, but I will return”he pointed out.