He Ministry of Labor formally proposed this Monday to employers and unions that it wants to raise the interprofessional minimum wage (SMI) in 2024 from the current 1,080 euros to 1,123 euros. An increase of 4% that neither pleases the employers, because it is excessive, nor the unions, because it is insufficient., as they stated this Monday in what was the second meeting of social dialogue on this issue. The parties do not consider the negotiations closed and the Government must make a decision in the coming weeks, with the aim of having the increase published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) before December 31.

Three million workers are awaiting the final decision made by the Executive together with social agents. He Ministry of Labor has put its numbers on the table for the first time, although it had already slipped that it was considering an increase in line with the average CPI currently recorded.

The proposal of Yolanda Diaz It does not satisfy either the employers or the unions, as their spokespersons demonstrated this Monday after the meeting held with the Ministry of Labor team.