Kai Lenny surprises his fans by fishing while surfing

Kai Lenny surprises his fans by fishing while surfing

Kai Lenny, Maui’s acclaimed “Waterman” has added another skill to his extensive resume. Known for his exploits in big wave surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, horse-drawn surfing, rescuing puppies while foiling, and being a local hero, Lenny has recently revealed another talent to add to his list of ocean skills.

According to his last post on InstagramLenny has been staying on the island of Namotu in Fiji. This island is located approximately 2.4 kilometers from Tavarua Island, whose reef is home to the famous tubular left wave known as Cloudbreak.

In the video, titled “After a long day of surfing in Namotu, Fiji,” Lenny and his Australian partner Caleb Pont venture into an exciting experience of foil fishing. But, as expected of Lenny, does not fish in the conventional way with a fishing rod.

Instead, he goes fishing with a line in hand while foiling. Enthusiastically, Lenny expresses himself as follows before setting out on his mission: “We’re on a mission to catch a fish on this hook,” pointing to a weighing station. “We want it to weigh at least 60 kilos!”

The final catch turned out to be a smaller fish than expected, but the excitement and satisfaction of the adventure did not diminish. Lenny shared the moment in the video, and although It was not the 60 kilo Spanish Mackerel that they expected, They were happy to have been successful in their venture.

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