The expulsion of Adara Molinero from ‘Supervivientes All Stars’ meant the salvation of Olga Moreno with barely 0.2% of the votes in his favor, a fact that many have criticized due to how controversial Moreno’s move and his corresponding victory were during his edition.

What perhaps no one expected is that Rocio Carrasco react to this salvation, and even less so with Jorge Javier Vázquez. On the morning of Sunday, June 30, the presenter of the program shared a video on his Instagram profile in which a campaign to expel Olga Moreno from the program can be seen.

In the video in question, you can see Jorge Javier with Rocío Carrasco and Anabel Dueñas: “Hey, what are you doing?”the presenter asks them with intrigue. “Vote!”, They both respond at the same time, while they appear using their mobile phones.

“Ah, but remember that it is not to expel”the presenter reminds them, in a clear allusion to the salvation process of the reality show he presents. “Well then we change!” both friends reply between laughs, a gesture that many have considered a campaign against Olga Moreno, who is nominated again this week.