Jordi Cruz has spoken. After starring in one of the great controversies of 'Masterchef 12' with the notorious voluntary abandonment of Tamara, the jury of the La 1 program has shared a kitchen with the candidate, who, just a few days before, did not dare to say a single word to him after taking the decision to abandon the format.

Both chefs went live on Jordi Cruz's Instagram account to make a 'carrot cake 2.0'. During the live show, Tamara spoke openly about her state of health after the controversy broke out: “I'm happy to be here, I come to live the experience” he joked in reference to his words before leaving 'Masterchef'.

“I get very intense on 'Masterchef' and I usually say things with character to people who have character. Tamara is a person with a strong mind,” says Jordi Cruz. “This week I heard comments that have surprised me and with astonishing joy, some without having seen the program“, the Mint.

“In 'Masterchef' we are doing TV. This is live and 'masterchef' is TV. When we are not recording I think we have a pretty good time. It is true that in 'Masterchef' I get more serious and I must have made a mistake on many occasions, but we are doing TV,” he says.

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