Interest rates drop again in Argentina and here are all the conditions

Interest rates drop again in Argentina and here are all the conditions

With May, they begin to offer loans with cheaper interest rates. As a consequence of the BCRA's lower interest rates, The country's main financial institution takes the lead and announced an average of six points less for personal loans, companies, SMEs and MSMEs.

A new reduction in the interest rate will begin to take effect this week and will make it more accessible to obtain loans for people, companies, SMEs and MSMEs, according to a statement from the largest financial entity in the country.

The benefit is a consequence of the reduction in BCRA interest rates in recent weeks. Last Thursday, The BCRA ordered a second cut in ten days, of the order of ten percentage points, to leave them at 50% nominal annual rate.

Also in the last two weeks the launch of UVA mortgage loans was announcedwith very affordable interest rates.

In that sense, Banco Nación Argentina announced that for MSMEs, large companies and for the “individual” segment, Starting this Monday the 6th, interest rate reductions on loans will be applied.


  • The rate for productive investment fell 9 points, which went from 35 to 26%, with a maximum term of 6 years.
  • Credits for working capital, the reduction was 7 points (from 40% to 33%), with terms available from 6 months and, for some operations, up to 3 years.
  • Financing in dollars, with a fixed rate of 1.5%.


  • For people who collect their salaries through the BNA, a 6 percentage point drop in the fixed interest rate was established, going from 50 to 44%, with terms ranging from 12 months to 5 years. This modality will take effect from Tuesday, May 7.
  • Retirees and pensioners, the BNA also decided a reduction of 6 points, with which the interest rate goes from 46 to 38%, with a maximum term of 60 months, a line that will be in force from May 7.

“As an example, a client who receives his salary in the BNA – explained the entity -, for a loan of $1 million, over 36 months, would pay an approximate monthly payment of $58,200while, in the case of retirees and/or pensioners, the fee would be around 53,600 pesos.”

  • “Open portfolio”, those who do not receive salaries at the bank, also benefited from a drop in the interest rate: from 65% to 60%, for a maximum period of up to 5 years.
  • “Non-CENDEU”, that is, those who do not appear until December 31, 2023 in the Central Bank of Debtors of the BCRA, were benefited with a reduction in the interest rate from 40 to 30%. This line supports up to $10 million, for a single term of 24 months.


In relation to loans, it is very important to know that – in addition to the option of applying in person at any branch in Argentina – the different lines of loans can be managed through the “BNA+” App, which has more than 11 million users who can obtain credit digitally quickly, simply and safely.