If Iberia buys Air Europa, Barajas de Madrid reaches 100 intercontinental destinations

If Iberia buys Air Europa, Barajas de Madrid reaches 100 intercontinental destinations

The IAG subsidiary assures that the operation will involve creating up to 1,800 new direct jobs. Iberia is gradually revealing its plans in the event that the purchase of Air Europa is successfulwhich is awaiting authorization from the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission (the last deadline is next July 15, but it can be postponed).

The IAG subsidiary explained today that the merger would allow Madrid airport to reach 100 intercontinental destinations, twenty more than currently, compared to Amsterdam's 96. the 125 from Frankfurt and the 139 from Paris. These hundred destinations with America, Africa and Asia would be the sum of all the operators, but the increase would occur as a consequence of the concentration.

The company chaired by Marco Sansavini maintains that the acquisition of Air Europa would generate between 1,250 and 1,800 new direct jobs. Besides, Barajas could significantly increase its income and merchandise traffic by 16,000 tons.

The main key to the Iberia-Air Europa operation is the slots that must be given up to obtain approval from the antitrust authorities in Brussels. These flight rights refer to routes in Spain, Europe and with America. The center of the operation lies in the connections to the other side of the Atlantic, due to the volume of business they generate and their strategic sense.

The IAG subsidiary assures that in its proposal for remedies to the Commission it commits not to be the only operator (not to operate as a monopoly) in the six corridors between Madrid and America in which Iberia and Air Europa now account for 100% of the commercialized frequencies.