Two women, mother and daughter, have drowned this Friday afternoon when they were dragged by the water from the storm that hits the state of Sao Paulo, in the southeast of Brazil, the newspaper ‘Folha de Sao Paulo’ has reported. Civil Defense sources reported by the same media have indicated that the victims, who were mother and daughter and aged 70 and 35 respectively, were swept away by the current in the city of Limeira when they got out of their vehicle to try to prevent the water from entering. I would drag him.

These two deaths are added to those of four other people, who lost their lives last week also in the state of Sao Paulo. another 12 deaths that took place in the neighboring state of Rio de Janeiro due to heavy rains.

This Wednesday, the Secretariat of Social Development and Human Rights of Rio reported that more than 9,000 people have had to be evacuated, while another 300 have lost their homes. In total, 15,000 have been affected by these rains.

This Friday, the city of Sao Paulo has been put on alert for flooding due to rain for the third consecutive day and, for the next few days, the forecast is for more intense rains in the two states.

“With the forecast of large volumes accumulated during the weekend, especially during Saturday the 20th, Civil Defense recommends increasing attention to the most vulnerable urban areas. Due to the flooding of the soil, there will be a risk of landslides, landslides, flooding, floods and events related to electric shocks and strong winds,” the state agency has warned.