Good weekend to see quality Spanish cinema, with five premieres among the new films on the billboard, from the fun 'Disco, Ibiza, Locomía' to the dramatic 'Caída libre'or also proposals such as the familiar 'Imaginary Friends', with animation and people, or the philosophical 'The Glass Box'.

'Disco, Ibiza, crazy'

Kike Maíllo, Goya for his debut 'Eva' (2012), turns this story of the legendary Spanish electro-pop group Locomía into a fun and delirious biobic with the notable performances of Jaime Lorente, in the role of the group's ideologist Xavi Font, or Alberto Ammann, as the promoter and ultimately, bête noire of the band, the producer José Luis Gil.

Set in Spain in the mid-80s, 'Disco, Ibiza, Locomía' begins in Ibiza when a very young Xavi Font emerges as a fashion designer. There he meets Gil, a music industry magnate in constant search of new talent who decides to launch a group in which no one knows how to sing: From there he fills stadiums in Latin America and revolutionizes clubs around the world with his songs.


Newcomer Laura Jou directs this emotional thriller starring Belén Rueda and produced by JA Bayona about a powerful national rhythmic gymnastics coach who is close to 60 years old, demanding and authoritarian, who is preparing the team for the World Championship.

Shortly before the final, she discovers that her husband is going to have a child with a much younger woman and begins a desperate race to win him back, until she takes her frustration to her relationship with the gymnasts, with whom she is increasingly harsh and intransigent. In the cast, Irene Escolar, Manuela Vellés and Ilay Kurelovic ('The Night of 12 Years').

'Imaginary friends'

Actor and director John Krasinski ('Jack Ryan') is in charge – script and direction – of this family film starring Ryan Reynolds that mixes 3D animation with live action and follows the story of Bea (Cailey Fleming), a girl at doors of adolescence that, due to family issues, returns to the house where he grew up.

There he discovers that he has the ability to see other people's imaginary friends, who have grown up and forgotten about them. Carlos Latre and Chenoa provide the voices of the stuffed animals Blue and Blossom, respectively, in the Spanish version.

'The Glass Box'

The Turkish director Aslı Özge, resident in Germany, proposes a philosophical reading of capitalism, racism and selfishness in the human race through the metaphorical coexistence of a group of neighbors whose apartments are going to be evicted by a 'vulture fund' to remodel and rehabilitate the historic building in which they are located to resell them at a higher price.

With Luise Heyer, Felix Kramer and Christian Berkel in the cast, the film begins when, without any explanation, the tenants of this central Berlin building find themselves locked in and surrounded by the police, no one can enter or leave and the unrest and mistrust spread. It is becoming more and more unbearable.

'What happens next'

Meg Ryan, the famous Sally Albrigth who simulated an orgasm in a cafeteria in 'When Sally Met Harry' (1989), directs this comedy in which she stars alongside David Duchovny, which addresses the relationships of two ex-lovers who meet, after years without seeing each other, trapped by snow in an airport in transit.

For an entire night, the couple reminisces about their sweet days at university, but the most painful memories they shared also return.

'Imperfect victim'

The Belgian film director of Canadian descent Delphine Girard debuts with the disturbing 'Imperfect Victim', a story in which sexual abuse is approached from a different perspective that questions justice and the social response through a gaze that falls on the behavior expected of a person who has been attacked.

With a fast-paced beginning -which is the short 'A Sister' with which the Belgian was nominated for an Oscar-, 'Imperfect Victim' follows Aly (Selma Alaoui) who, after a night of partying, is attacked by Dary (Guillaume Duhesme) . When the police intervene, she files a complaint, but she prefers to do her own mourning, which basically consists of trying to forget.

'The good teachers'

Directed by Thomas Lilti ('A Doctor in the Country', 'Hippocrates'), 'The Good Teachers' features the famous French actors Vincent Lacoste, François Cluzet and Adèle Exarchopoulo ('The Life of Adele') for this comedy about teachers sacrificed that begins with the start of classes.

Some of them, very committed to teaching, form a united group that defends the public school when Benjamin (Lacoste), a substitute teacher, doctoral student and younger than them, arrives, who without training or experience doubts the teaching system, frankly. in full decline.

'3 days maximum'

French actor Tarek Boudali tackles his third feature film as a director '3 days maximum' – which he has also written and stars in.

A crazy comedy with Philippe Lacheau and Julien Arruti in the cast, where the clumsy police officer who became a reluctant hero in the film '30 Days' (his previous production), this time faces an even more incredible situation: His grandmother has been kidnapped by a Mexican cartel, and you only have three days to free her.


First feature film by Catalan Miguel Faus that develops the idea of ​​his short film of the same title, 'Calladita' tells the story of a domestic worker (Paula Grimaldo) in a mansion in Costa Rica.

Its owners, two Spaniards (Ariadna Gil and Luis Bermejo), are snobs who pay him fairly in exchange for promising him roles and ask him, while they prepare a big party, to take care of his twenty-year-old son and his group of classist friends.

'Manolo Kamezabolo'

This documentary, directed by Alberto Andrés Lacasta, delves into the career of the Zaragoza musician Manolo Kabezabolo, an icon of punk in Spain, through the most unknown facets of the artist and his life in Zaragoza in the 80s and 90s, where he grew up. artist, and who became one of the epicenters of punk.

'A radiant sun'

Mònica Cambra and Ariadna Fortuny, winners of the 2023 talent award at the D'A Film Festival in Barcelona with this film, arrive in theaters with their feature film debut, a futuristic proposal where the end of the world is about to arrive.

Mila (Laia Artigas), her older sister Ingrid (Nunu Sales) and her mother (Nuria Prims) spend a few days in a country house, isolated and tense waiting for the worst; As little Mila struggles to understand the complexity of death, she tries to keep her family together by celebrating a party that takes place on the last day of life on earth.