The ‘OT 2023’ tour continues to fill the cities it passes through. After passing through Murcia, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza or Seville, the triumphs have once again made their staunchest followers in the capital vibrate.

Last night, the 16 contestants of ‘OT 2023’ took to the stage again. While many of the songs they sang during the evening thrilled everyone present, there were several key moments throughout the concert that coincidentally coincided with Pride Day.

In addition to Chiara and Violeta’s kiss, the audience present could not contain their emotion when they saw how Juanjo and Martin, the most beloved couple of the entire edition, merged in a tender kiss that showed, once again, how love cannot hide. That same day, there was also an important announcement like that of Denna and Álex Márquez who made their relationship public.