Bytedance Ltd., owner of TikTok, is the most valuable among those that are not listed on the stock market

Bytedance Ltd., owner of TikTok, is the most valuable among those that are not listed on the stock market

ByteDance, Chinese communications, technology and internet company and owner of the social network TikTok, catapulted the social network as the most valuable company, among those companies that are not listed on any stock exchange. According to estimates in the private capital markets, compiled by Expansión, it has already reached the figure of US$250,000 million.

This allows it to surpass other firms such as Space X, valued at US$175 billion and owned by billionaire Elon Musk; to OpenAI, with US$120 billion and now owned by Microsoft; to Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer also valued at US$120 billion; already Shein, the online clothing store specialized in ‘fast fashion’ and valued at US$66,000 million.

Estimates from stock market analysts suggest that if ByteDance decided to venture into the stock market, it could be priced even higher and compete with the figures of other technology giants. At the moment, The Chinese company has a turnover of US$120 billion and its sales and profits are increasing at a rate of 30% and 80% per year, respectively.

According to what he has revealed, his income comes from advertising through his website and his applications TikTok, Toutiao, Douyin and Feishu. In total, Bytedance has 1.5 billion active users on its apps. “If Bytedance decided to go public, profitability would depend on its dividend policy and the value in the initial public offering,” said Omar Suárez, manager of Equity Strategy at Casa de Bolsa.

Regarding the companies that complete the ladder, both Space X and OpenAI aim to continue their growth. Although billionaire Musk’s company has a considerable advantage over the Microsoft division, The global commitment to generative artificial intelligence (offered by OpenAI) will further drive its upward trend.

Huawei’s value, although it is comparable to that of OpenAI, is subject to the restrictions imposed by the EU and the United States to benefit from the 5G frequency, in addition to the accusations of the North American nation of being a company that would put security at risk. national. Instead, Shein has already sent the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, the initial prospectus to go on the stock market.