Brisa Hennessy: from the most isolated place in the world to leader of the World Surf League

Brisa Hennessy: from the most isolated place in the world to leader of the World Surf League

Breeze Hennessy began the 2022 season of the Championship Tour (CT) of the World Surf League (WSL) with a fifth place in the girls’ debut at Pipeline. But the great result came with the victory in the next championship, in Sunset Beach. The first of his career, which gave him the leader’s yellow lycra. She would lose it more in front of her, but she would recover it to make the cut as first and face the last five events at the top of the ranking.

Although it is not known what may happen from now on, we do know how it got here. At least in recent years. She has documented it in the short Perspective, which after a first minute of introduction moves to 2019, when the Costa Rican qualified for the CT, “My great goal, to be a professional, to make surfing my job, to travel around the world, to go to places where you have never been to surf against your idols, crazy.” Although she achieved a couple of good results, the rest of the year she was out of position.

Then, March 2020, in which the CT was canceled due to Covid: “I remember the announcement on the beach, we needed to get out of there, We went to Namotu Island in Fiji, the most isolated place in the world” where his father has a resort. No flights arrived, there was total isolation. So the first thing we had to do was look at what food they had… and start freezing things.

The rest of the video takes place between the crystal clear waters of Fiji – except for a category 5 cyclone that hit the island – and the people who live there. “They live the most interesting and simple life you can have, we can learn a lot from them,” says Hennessy. Before heading to Keramas to inspire a few girls in the world of surfing and finally traveling to Cloudbreak, the most famous wave in the South Pacific archipelago, made up of more than 300 islands. “Cloudbreak is a beast, it’s scary, it’s raw, unpredictable…” he explains while surfing without problems the wave that has prepared her for the CT.

The video concludes with a behind the scenes and the following phrase: “I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I know that the important thing is to be happy, to be comfortable with yourself and others, to love what you do, to connect with the ocean… That’s all that matters. And I feel more connected than ever.” You don’t have to swear.

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