Brazil says G20 agrees to avoid sensitive issues in preparatory meetings

Brazil says G20 agrees to avoid sensitive issues in preparatory meetings

G20 diplomats agreed to avoid sensitive geopolitical issues during their ministerial meetings to prepare for a summit of the world’s largest economies in November, the sherpa of host country Brazil said Friday.

The meetings until October will avoid geopolitical debates in order to advance agreements on issues such as eClimate change, reducing world hunger, trade and investment, according to Mauricio Lyrio, Brazilian sherpa at the G20.

In February, the leaders G20 financial leaders failed to agree on a joint statement at a meeting in Brazilwith divisions over the wars in Gaza and Ukraine.

Lyrio told reporters on Friday that an agreement had been reached with its counterparts in the groupfollowing “really tough talks” during a preparatory meeting in Rio de Janeiro this week.

What we achieved at this meeting was an agreement on how to proceed from now on, so that ministers can focus on their specific issues.“He told reporters. “Look for agreements in your areas. There is no need to deal with geopolitics anymore.”

Later this month, the group’s economic leaders and central bank chiefs will meet in Rio de Janeiro, where the annual G20 leaders’ summit is scheduled for 18 and 19 November.

Last year, The G20 summit in New Delhi concluded with a statement by leaders that avoided condemning Russia for the waralthough it highlighted the human suffering that the conflict had caused and called on all States not to use force to seize territory.