Lula gave support to Petrobras' attempt to explore the Equatorial Margin on the high seas

Brazil can help Bolivia to exploit gas and minerals to generate development

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Monday that Brazil can help Bolivia in the exploration of natural gas and critical minerals to generate development in the country.

Lula made the comments in Asuncion, where he participated in the Mercosur summit.

We need to discuss how to exploit (…) critical minerals in Bolivia. How to use all of Bolivia’s mineral potential, its gas potential. And Brazil can help Bolivia explore and develop Bolivia,” the president said, stressing the need for regional integration.

I cannot imagine Brazil growing alone. Brazil has to grow and together with Brazil our neighbours have to grow.“, he added.

Lula and part of the Brazilian delegation will travel to Bolivia on Monday for his first state visit to the country during his current term.