Barça suffered its second consecutive defeat at the Palau, after doing so on Wednesday against BAXI Manresa, the first in the Euroleague, when they fell to an Armani Milan (86-90) that arrived without Mirotic or Maodo but who took advantage of his success with Shields (19) and Hall (21), to officially put Barça in crisis.

Another bad start to the match for the Blaugrana, which led to them losing by 15 (36-51) He no longer had a solution with a Barça anxious in attack, without confidence in their game and much less consistency. And the worst thing is that Baskonia arrives on Sunday. We have to react now.

Without Jabari Parker, who was the player ruled out, Grimau brought in Brizuela and Willy in the starting team. And the Barça defense, as usual at the beginning of the game, was a disaster. Festival of triples by the Italians, with four of them in the first minutes and Barça, very soon in tow (7-12).

Armani, who arrived at the Palau without their two important players, Nikola Mirotic and Maodo Lo, played very loosely in attack, without strong marking from a Willy who let Melli and Voightmann run wild and the Italians already opened a worrying 10-21.

Grimau stopped the duel, and very soon put Laprovittola, Abrines and Vesely on the court, although the Blaugrana game did not improve in attack or defense, reaching the Messina team has 15 points of income (12-27) against a Palau who once again saw his team lacking intensity and defensive aggressiveness. Lapro, with his first triple, and Vesely left the lead negative at 10 at the end of the first quarter (19-29).

Row against the current

With that bad start, it was time to row against the current again and the rush to try to recover the ground brought Barça closer to seven (26-33) with an incisive Laprovittola and Vesely. Although the Italians continued to play with a lot of confidence, especially Shields (17 points at halftime) and Melli, which allowed Armani to recover its income again (30-43).

Willy captures a rebound against Armani Milan

The Barça game did not have continuity, especially in attack and the defense did not intimidate enough so Armani regained the 15-point lead after a triple from an inspired Shields (36-51) in a series of 9 of 19.

Two final actions by Willy (outstanding with 10 points) and Satoransky and a good final defense, They left the game still very difficult for Barça (40-51) that he conceded too many points again, his great debt in the last defeats.

Barça, more aggressive

Barça entered the duel much more aggressive and with two actions by Kalinic and Vesely, They were closer to seven after an 8-0 run (44-51). Armani had more problems scoring, although a technical to Satoransky broke Barça’s rhythm.

Kalinic, in action from the match against Armani Milan

Flaccadori, Maodo Lo’s replacement, took the offensive helm and Armani responded to a Barça 2-3 zone Although good minutes from Laprovittola and Vesely, Barça pressed again and got closer to five (53-58). But the defensive effort had no continuation in attack with four missed free throws, and Armani was still in control with 10 minutes left (59-68).

Offensive inaccuracies marked the first minutes of the quarter, without either of them managing to score, something that benefited Armani who was comfortably ahead. Abrines lifted the Palau with the first triple (62-68) and they got closer again. Flaccadori and Voigtmann returned control to the Italians, against a Barça that was beginning to despair after Hall’s triple (66-75) with 4:17 left.

A triple by Kalinic gave Barça hope (71-77) although the defense failed to stop an unleashed Hall (21 points) and the final attempts to turn the score around were useless (86-90). Barça is experiencing its first major crisis of the season and Baskonia arrives on Sunday.

Data sheet

Barça, 86 (19+21+19+27): Satoransky (4), Brizuela (9), Kalinic (17), Da Silva (6), Willy (10) – starting five, Vesely (14), Laprovittola (16), Abrines (0), Nnaji (2), Jokubaitis (2), Parra (6).

Armani Milan, 90 (29+22+17+22): Flaccadori (15), Melli (16), Ricci (X0), Shields (19), Voightman (8) – starting five -, Poythress (6), Bortolani (0), Tonut (3), Hall (21), HInes (2).

Referees: Ilija Belosevic (SER), Anne Panther (ALE), Kristaps Konstantinov (LAT). No eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the 14th day of the Euroleague, which is played at the Palau Blaugrana, in front of 4,588 spectators.